Women In The Trailer Industry Hosted By Lacey Baker And Caitlin Jugert
Join Lacey and Caitlin on journey exploring what it has been like leading in a industry dominated by men. These two ladies share their successes, failures, struggles and wins.


Caitlin Jugert

President of
The TRailer PArts Outlet

Cailtin is the glue that holds The Trailer Parts Outlet together. She has been with us almost since day one. She has innovated the way we do things, pushed us to grow, inspired us to work harder and she is building a legacy here at the Trailer Parts Outlet. 

Lacey Baker

Vice President
Sales & Revenue

Recently taking over the sales department at The Trailer Parts Outlet is new adventure for Lacey, but not a totally unknown journey. She has been our E-commerce director since she stepped foot in our doors. She is hard working and never gives up.